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NBI 301 Spring 24

Old Testament Judges & Ruth (6 hrs) The period of the Judges is one of the critical developmental periods of the Old Testament. This course studies examples of spiritual disobedience and obedience as seen in the stories of various “Judges” as well as in the characters in the Book of Ruth; The Psalms (4 hrs) An overview of the Psalms, the hymnbook and poetic expression of faith for the Jews. An introduction to Biblical poetry literature; A Primer on NT Greek (2 hrs) A quick look at some of the points of Greek grammar that assist one in doing Bible study using commentaries and lexical aids. The course is meant to whet students’ appetite to learn this Biblical language of the New Testament. Must have completed 101, 102, 201 & 202 courses.

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Milburn Campus Campus

Peace 5

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